One Straight, One Curved


Straight Leg / Curved Leg

The idea for this design has been kicking around for a little while.  It started with a conversation with some friends and then on to some sketches.  The idea is for one straight leg and one curved leg (or, I guess, two of each really).  The pieces sketched include a partner’s desk and a storage unit.  I obviously parsed through a couple of ideas.

I then moved to Google Sketchup and flushed out a coffee table based on the same idea.  I went with a glass top so that you can see down into the structure.

I’d build the apron and legs using bent laminations from a single board so that the curved leg looks like it’s just splitting off from the apron as it curves down to the floor.

Hall Table Design


Chandelier Hall Table Design

This table is based on my chandelier design.  I’ve been wanting to create something using the same technique or shape as a skinny sideboard or hall table.  I’ve gone through a couple of sketches quite awhile ago and revisited them recently.  These elevations show the side and end view.

The main body is obviously pretty much exactly the same as the chandelier: curved slats with end posts holding it together.  The end posts continue all the way to the floor, making them the legs of the table.

I had a pretty good ephiany which was to make the top out of glass, so that the full effect could be viewed from above.  I like that idea, but am not sure of the shape of the top yet.  I also recently thought of maybe doing glass panels with a narrow wooden frame for the top.



Now, if you’re a little puzzled about how this table is going to stand up, you should be.  What’s missing is the bottom area – what’s going to actually support the table from tipping over.  I haven’t decided yet how to “finish” the table off at the ground.  I’ve played with larger feet / bases, curved feet and a bottom shelf connecting the two ends.

How would you do it?