End Grain Butcher Block: Glue Up Countertop


Both long grain glueups are done and it’s time to slice them up and make the final end grain butcher block countertop.

Long Grain Ready To Slice

First I needed to clean up the epoxy on the long grain glueup. This goes really fast with a handplane. No, I didn’t use my new Lie-Nielsen #4 1/2 – I used an old ebay Stanley #4. A few passes scrapes off epoxy no problem. I didn’t use my card scraper to really get it all off – I didn’t care that much at this point; just flat enough to ride on the table saw table.

I then used the Festool TS55 to make one end straight. This requires one pass from the top and one from the bottom, since the long grain glueup is 2.5″ thick. The second cut is only 1/2″ deep and is inset so the table saw fence will ride only off the first pass.

End Grain Slices

I then sliced off ten 1 1/8″ thick pieces from each long grain glueup. I use the straight edge created by the TS55 to ride along the Sawstop fence. Move fence in, run piece through; do 10 times. These pieces make up the larger of three countertops.

I cut off about 10″ from the side of each long grain glueup (same direction as the long grain sticks) – and then sliced those up – using up the whole long grain glueup. This gave me about twenty more pieces from each long grain. These are used to create the two other countertops. The left over I’ll re-use; I’ve got some ideas kicking around.

I cleaned up the faces and edges on the drum sander.

Countertop in Clamps

The countertop is glued the same way as the long grain – using epoxy for long open time and clamping down to the assembly table to hold everything flat. I used bowclamps across the top (to hold it down) and across the ends – to spare me from trying to fit in more clamps.

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  1. Kerry Drake says:

    Very cool project! Can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. Aaron says:

    I have really been enjoying this series, Morton. Thanks for showing all the details and steps.

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