Sawstop PCS Unboxing: Taking off the Covers…


All the boxes for the Sawstop PCS

I am the proud owner of a new Sawstop Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS). I picked it up just a couple of days ago from Brentwood Machinery in NH and brought it into the shop. It comes with the rails, T-glide fence and extension table. I went with the 36” rails as I have a smaller shop and I use a Festool TS55 to break down larger sheet goods. I also opted for the mobile base to move it around when/if I need to.

I just started opening the packaging today and was not disappointed by all the reviews I had read saying that Sawstop does a fantastic job at their packaging. The first thing I noticed was the color-coded hardware sheet that even had tear-off strips to remove from the cardboard!

Since I only had an hour in the shop today, the only other thing I got done was to tip up the saw itself. It’s ready for assembly and cleaning!

The Sawstop PCS parts in boxes

Sawstop upright still wrapped

2 Responses to “Sawstop PCS Unboxing: Taking off the Covers…”
  1. Keith says:


    I have watched your SawStop youtubes and am probably going to pull the pin this weekend. I was set on a Professional but have re-thunk that. My spreadsheet sez I can have a Contractor with a 36″ T-Glide, a Moble base, cast iron wings and all that compare to a similarly equipped Professional. But about $500 less. Only significant difference appears to be a floor length skirt and a motor tucked away inside.

    Correct me if I am wrong. Basically, I see the Contractor and the Professional basically the same from the waist up.

  2. Morton says:

    Hi Keith. I’m not sure that that’s the only internal difference between the two. I think the PCS may be a tighter configuration from motor to blade, etc. Also not 100% sure that the trunnion system is the same. Personally, I would spend the extra $500 on the PCS and be “done with it”. You will never regret that $500 and to have the enclosed base with dust collection is a huge win (the DC is much better on the PCS due to the enclosed base). I understand trying to save some money on the contractor saw, but $500 isn’t a lot (at that price range) – and if you wanted to save money, I’d probably just order the base model contractor saw and save a lot more (forgo the cast iron wings, etc, etc). Just my two cents!

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