52 Designs

One Straight, One Curved

Part 6 of 52 Designs

 The idea for this design has been kicking around for a little while. It started with a conversation with some

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Hall Table Design

Part 5 of 52 Designs

 This table is based on my chandelier design.  I’ve been wanting to create something using the same technique or shape

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Flippable “Z” Step Stool

Part 4 of 52 Designs

 Another iteration along the “Z” step stool path.  I think this one may actually be built, but I’d have to

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52 Designs: Z Step Stool

Part 3 of 52 Designs

 Continuing on the same theme – here’s a quick sketch of a small step stool made from 4 chunks of

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52 Designs: Stacked Lamination Step Stool

Part 2 of 52 Designs

 Continuing on the stacked lamination theme, I’ve again taken cues from the Wendell Castle chair from the MFA and my

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