Bow-Front Table

Making Tenons for a Bow-Front Table

Part 6 of Bow-Front Table

 Note: This content is from footage shot last summer (2010). I’m posting now to wrap-up the series. The bow-front table

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Cutting Apart the Apron

Part 5 of Bow-Front Table

  Mostly a video entry this time.  Summary: The Fine Woodworking article called for cutting the drawer front from the

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Milling the Parts

Part 4 of Bow-Front Table

  One of the critical components for the success of the bow front table is to make a full-scale drawing

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Bent Lamination: Making the Apron

Part 3 of Bow-Front Table

  The front apron on the bow front table is, of course, curved. To make this curve, I’m using two

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Creating a Bending Form Template

Part 2 of Bow-Front Table

  This is my first attempt at creating a bent lamination which requires a form to clamp the bent pieces

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