For Kyra

Toy Chest: Designing the Details

Part 8 of For Kyra

  I spent a lot of time designing not only the entire chest proportions, shape and construction – but also

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Toy Chest: Complete

Part 7 of For Kyra

  The toy chest is finally complete, and I am super excited by how it all came together. I bought

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Toy Chest: Assembly

Part 6 of For Kyra

 I’ve got the toy chest all assembled and am finalizing the details. I first assembled the front frame and panel

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Toy Chest: Details’ Construction

Part 5 of For Kyra

  I wanted to share how I constructed the various small details that are on this Toy Chest.  They are:

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Toy Chest: Parts all Dimensioned

Part 4 of For Kyra

  All the parts for the toy chest are cut to final dimension and the joinery (dominos) are complete. Similarly,

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Toy Chest: Front Panel

Part 3 of For Kyra

  I first want to create the whole front panel, including the rails, stiles, panel and curved K parts –

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Toy Chest: Creating the Curved K

Part 2 of For Kyra

  I first want to create the curved K and the entire front of the chest, as I will then

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