Sawstop PCS Unboxing: Taking off the Covers…


All the boxes for the Sawstop PCS

I am the proud owner of a new Sawstop Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS). I picked it up just a couple of days ago from Brentwood Machinery in NH and brought it into the shop. It comes with the rails, T-glide fence and extension table. I went with the 36” rails as I have a smaller shop and I use a Festool TS55 to break down larger sheet goods. I also opted for the mobile base to move it around when/if I need to.

I just started opening the packaging today and was not disappointed by all the reviews I had read saying that Sawstop does a fantastic job at their packaging. The first thing I noticed was the color-coded hardware sheet that even had tear-off strips to remove from the cardboard!

Since I only had an hour in the shop today, the only other thing I got done was to tip up the saw itself. It’s ready for assembly and cleaning!

The Sawstop PCS parts in boxes

Sawstop upright still wrapped

Sawstop PCS Unboxing: Assembly


The new Sawstop PCS is fully assembled!

Everything I read on the internet about Sawstop’s great packaging was right-on; I was not disappointed! I unpacked the saw box and started reading the assembly instructions. On went the crank wheels, motor cover, extension wings, switch and tool holder. I of course cleaned the cast iron and then applied some T-9 Boeshield and wax.

Next came the rails and fence. After the rails were on (which was very easy), the instructions said to put on the mobile base. That was pretty straightforward (great instructions), although a little tricky to reach underneath the saw.

Finally the extension table, front tube and fence!

All in all, it went very smoothly. Getting everything flat (extension wings and extension table) took some fiddling, but nothing out of the ordinary. All the parts were clearly labeled and instructions were very detailed. The pictures in the instructions booklet were awesome, clearly labeling the part numbers and details.

It took about 4 hours to fully assemble. Next step is to tune the saw!