Child’s Play Tower: Design and Templates


I’m building a tower for my son for Christmas. [slightly behind in posting]

My son is forever wanting to be “up” and see what is going on in the kitchen. Whether we are cooking, cleaning or preparing something – he wants to be involved. He doesn’t currently have anything to stand on so that he can see – so I’m building him a tower. He’ll be able to climb up into it and see the counter and be involved in what is going on.

I started with a Google Sketchup design to figure out how I wanted it to look. The side was the important part, so I started there. I worked out the details pretty quickly until I had something I liked. I went with a sort of Greene and Greene style.

I knew I’d be making the entire piece from plywood, just to keep things simple. Since there were 2 sides with multiple common elements, I made up some templates to re-use with the router. I printed out a couple of full-scale drawings from the sketchup design and used those to create the hardboard templates.

To create the templates – I taped the printouts onto the hardboard masonite. I then used the scroll saw to cut out the interior, followed up with some filing to smooth things out.

With the templates created, I’m now ready to cut into the plywood. That’ll be part 2.