Workshop Tour: July 2011

I thought I’d give a quick video tour of the workshop in its “working state” of complete disrepair! I’ve been building a few projects for the last month, especially two very large bookcases (7′ x 5′) – and have done pretty much no cleaning in between. So project pieces, tools, cutoffs, dust, shavings, etc are littered everywhere. I’m finding it hard to move around the shop at all!

My buddy Dyami over at The Penultimate Woodshop inspired me to show off the current state of the shop since it’s right before I’m about to clean. Also, I’ve got a few shop projects moving up the priority ladder that should get done over the next couple of months. These pictures and video will be a good comparison to the updated state when I get there.

So, how often do you clean and organize your shop?

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  1. Chris Adkins says:

    Morton, great shop tour. Looks like you have several great projects in to works, look forward to seeing the results of the projects and cleaned up shop.

    I will post soon on the progress in my shop but unfortunately did not take before pictures of videos, but maybe I can find something. It just gets to the point where we have to do something but is not the most fun. Great post!

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